Ahoy, ye party people!

The Vermont Sail Freight Company
Main Terminal Vergennes, Vt.
Erie Terminal Buffalo, N.Y.
22nd June 2016 -- Solstice in ♋


I am delighted to announce that the Vermont Sail Freight Company will shortly begin accepting orders for cargo deliveries to the Hudson Valley and New York City this coming fall.  

Vermont Sail Freight (VSF for short) is a regional shipping line which seeks to demonstrate the continued viability and profitability of working sail by connecting Vermont farmers and artisans with customers for their products along the Hudson River.  Our flagship Ceres is a 39' spritsail ketch built in 2013 by a team of volunteers led by the Company's founder Erik Andrus, which made several trips down the Hudson in 2013 and 2014 before the project was put on hold.  For the past several months, we have been laying the groundwork for restarting VSF with a new team, a new look, and a new business model which will take full advantage of the transcendent power that is the Internet.  This model will employ an online marketplace to enable Internet pre-orders for each of our ports of call.

Alongside the launch of our Web marketplace, we have also put Ceres in drydock for some upgrades to her powerplant, gear, and accommodations, which will improve both her performance and the comfort of her crew; we anticipate completing this work by 1 September of this year, with Delivery Run 1601 to begin shortly thereafter.  We will make at least one delivery trip in 2016, and if there is sufficient demand, we will make another trip before the Champlain Canal closes on 1 November.

Our operating season in 2017 and subsequent years will run from approximately 15 April to 15 November, unless delayed by ice-out or opening of the N.Y.S. Canal System or cut short by closing of the canals.  We are working to secure new winter quarters for Ceres below the Federal Lock in Troy which will allow for the possibility of limited operations during the period in late fall and early spring when the N.Y.S. Canal System is closed; but those plans are in their very early stages. More to come in that regard over the next few months.

That's all for now.  I welcome your questions or comments, which can be directed via email to paul@vtsailfreight.net or by phone to (802) 870-8730.  Three cheers for the re-launch of Vermont Sail Freight!

Paul Fusco-Gessick
General Manager