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Delivered by Sail

Serving the Northeast Roots Nation since 2013



Our Vision

The Vermont Sail Freight Company is a regional shipping firm which uses the historic working waterways of the Champlain, Hudson, and Mohawk Valleys to connect small farmers with markets for their products.

But our vision goes well beyond simply moving goods from one place to another.  We seek to build a future where honest labor, creative artistry, and technical skill all matter; a future of greater resilience and harmony with the natural world, a future of earnestness, purposeful work, generosity-of-spirit, and plain dealing.

Our Mission

When done right, shipping by sail is surprisingly cost-effective.  The wind comes for free, whether you want it to or not.

At VSF, we combine time-tested traditional methods with the best elements of modern technology.  Our mission is equal parts science and art, equal parts commerce and civic engagement.

Check out the Sail Loft Blog to see what we've been up to lately, and head to our Engineering Dept. for technical discussion as we pursue creative advancements in the nautical sciences.